Well, Tom (Ryan Eggold) got back in the game in episode 4 of NBC's "The Blacklist" Season 3, working undercover for an off-the-books Cooper (Harry Lennix) to help clear Liz's (Megan Boone) name. He had better hurry! In episode 6, "Arioch Cain," Liz and Red (James Spader) find themselves in more danger than ever before when Liz becomes the target of the world's top assassins.

The episode begins with Liz dead in an airplane hangar. Well, not exactly. Red is just taking pictures of Liz pretending to be dead. What is going on?

Whatever that plan may have been, it does not seem to have worked. Everyone in the criminal underworld seems to know Liz is alive. In fact, there is a price on her head and a legendary assassin, known as Windigo, is targeting the former FBI agent. This guy even scares Red, who asks Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) to help protect Liz. Ressler agrees to help, but only because he figures if they catch the assassin on Liz's trail, they will catch Liz. 

Liz needs help ... soon. When she goes outside to get into the car with Red's extraction team, she is ambushed by Windigo and a sniper rifle. Windigo kills all of Red's men and Liz barely escapes alive. 

Meanwhile, Ressler testifies before Congress about Liz's case. He maintains that he has no qualms with tracking her down and arresting her, but when he is pressed on if he believes she is guilty he promises that she is innocent. The CIA director (David Strathairn), who fans know is a member of the Cabal, is watching the hearing and does not appear to approve of that last answer. 

Elsewhere, Liz meets back up with Red. Aram (Amir Arison) has given Red the identity of Windigo's weapons dealer. They pay him a visit and he leads them to the assassin. Red turns the tables on the gunman during a rooftop chase and soon he is the only thing keeping the shooter from dropping to certain death off the side of a building. The assassin tells Red that "more are coming." Red asks him who he means, but when Windigo only laughs, Red sends the man to the ground below. 

The Blacklist Red (James Spader, pictured) dangles an assassin off the side of a building in episode 5 of "The Blacklist" Season 3. Photo: NBC

Liz and Red go to a park where they expect to meet Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq). However, they only find Mr. Vargas (Paul Reubens). He tells Red that Dembe is dead -- he leaves out that he is the one who killed him! Red has Vargas arrange a meeting with another associate, but instead, Mr. Vargas leads them into a trap. At the same hangar where Red was taking those pictures in the beginning of the episode, they are now prisoners of Mr. Solomon (Edi Gathegi). 

Mr. Solomon breaks the fourth wall a bit when he asks Liz and Red "what the deal is" between them -- "Is it a daddy/daughter thing?" For once, the fans and Mr. Solomon want to the same thing!

That does not last. Mr. Solomon begins setting up to execute Liz and Red can only watch helplessly. Then, right before Mr. Solomon's knife finds its way into Liz's throat, Dembe shows up and saves the day! He's alive! He shoots Solomon's men and, though Solomon himself escapes, Red and Liz are safe. However, after an emotional embrace with Red, Dembe falls unconscious to the floor. Red gets him on a flight to a hospital.

Elsewhere, Tom has made headway with Asher Sutton (Peter Vack) and has even scored an invite to the millionaire's engagement party. There he discovers Sutton is being harassed by Russian mobsters to whom he owes money. Tom offers to help. He has his "in."

Back at the airplane hangar, Red and Liz contact Aram who tells them that the bounty on Liz is still posted online and cannot be taken down unless she is confirmed dead. Red has a plan. It turns out that the episode's opening scene was a flash forward! They fake Liz's death, Red frames Windigo for the hit, and when the payment comes through to the assassin's computer, which Liz has hacked, they track down the person, known by the alias Arioch Cain, who posted the bounty. Surprisingly, it is just a young girl! The girl, named Blair, thought Liz was responsible for the bombing that killed her mother. Liz tells Blair about losing her own mother at a young age and convinces the girl to take her profile off of the bounty site. She also promises to bring the Cabal, the real culprits behind the bombing, to justice

Back at the FBI, Ressler, who has now realized how much he would regret it if Liz was gone, is forced to have a meeting with the CIA director. He is being required to share all of his intel on Red and Liz with the CIA -- that is not good!

Meanwhile, the episode ends with Sutton and his fiancee discovering that Tom has killed one of the Russians that have them in debt. They are horrified, but Tom is cool as a cucumber. Everything is going according to his plan.