Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, who were rumored to be dating, are in fact like “brother and sister,” according to a report Monday. Shelton, who divorced Miranda Lambert in July, is in fact helping Stefani get over her divorce from English musician Gavin Rossdale, a source told Hollywood Life.

Stefani filed for divorce from Rossdale in August after 13 years of marriage. Gwen is going through a “difficult time” and Shelton has been her source of “joy and laughter,” the source told the entertainment website.

“She [Stefani] can’t believe how blessed she is to have been offered this job on ‘The Voice’  where she gets to be around amazing people like him, Adam [Levine] and Pharrell [Williams] . She loves them all like brothers but it’s Blake who really helps keep her mind off her split with Gavin,” the insider said.

“Despite his own marriage trouble, Blake is always smiling and keeping things light on set. Any time Gwen feels like crying, Blake is there cracking her up. He’s helping through her break up with belly laughs! That is just too sweet! What an amazing friend Blake is,” the source added.

Shelton and Stefani's closeness amid their divorces gave rise to speculations that “The Voice” coaches might be dating. These rumors were refuted with one report claiming them to be “completely untrue.”

Hollywood Life’s source, too, confirmed that there was “not a chance” Shelton and Stefani were dating. “They are like brother and sister -- it’s all friendship and nothing sexual will come from it at all,” the insider said.