Blake Shelton is planning to secure Gwen Stefani’s position in “The Voice” leading to tensions between him and Christina Aguilera, who will replace Stefani in the show’s Season 10, according to a new report. Aguilera, who has been judging the reality television singing show on and off, thinks that Shelton’s move was a stab in the back, the report added.

“Blake’s not being subtle about campaigning for Gwen to stay on at Christina’s expense. It’s made things very tense on set,” a source said, Hollywood Life reported Wednesday, citing Star magazine. “Blake’s gone on this power trip by trying to control the way the show runs and everyone’s getting annoyed. Christina thinks he and Gwen are ganging up on her and playing dirty. She feels totally stabbed in the back,” the insider added. Aguilera is set to take over Stefani as the coach in February.

Stefani, 46, was reportedly planning to be the “most memorable coach” and the “face of the show.”

“She [Stefani] knows Christina turns her nose up at her and she’s been told about the ‘substitute’ jibe — and she has a few tricks up her sleeve herself. She plans on going out as THE only coach everyone wants back — the most memorable coach and ‘face’ of the show,” a source reportedly said.

Shelton and Stefani confirmed in November 2015 that they were dating. Since then the couple has been spotted together on several occasions. The two sparked marriage rumors after they were recently seen at a friend’s wedding.