A big blizzard making its way through the central United States has significantly affected air travel, with nearly 8,000 flights having been cancelled on Tuesday and Wednesday.

There were 5,687 cancelled flights for Tuesday as of 11.24 a.m. EST and 2,185 already cancelled for Wednesday, according to flight tracking company FlilghtAware.com.

Most heavily impacted with cancellations was Chicago's O'Hare International airport.  A total of 438 flights originating from O'Hare were cancelled. Flyers to Chicago were also impacted with 490 flights into the airport cancelled. Airports suggest travelers contact their airlines to check on their flight status.

Inter-city bus travel is also on hold from cities within the storm's path and making their way to stations in the area. Greyhound Lines, Inc - the largest U.S. consumer bus company - reported more than 47 route cancellations until further notice.

Blizzard conditions are expected in parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. 

Top Impacted Airports

The top five impacted airports by cancellations according to origin airport were Chicago O'Hare Intl with 438, with 438, Dalls/Fort Worth Intl with 436, Newark Liberty Intl with 308, and John F Kennedy Intl with 189.

The top five impacted airports by cancellations according destination airport were Chicago O'Hare Intl with 490, Dallas/Fort Worth Intl with 415, Newark Liberty Intl with 339, LaGuardia airport with 314, and John F. Kennedy Intl with 244.

Among the most affected were also airports in Boston, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky Michigan  Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC.

Bus Travel Routes Cancelled

Greyhound reported cancellations  - until further notice - in various bus routes originating from Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Memphis, Oklahoma City, and Omaha. A detailed notice is available on the company's website.