You might remember Scott Michael Foster as Cappie, the witty fraternity president in the 2007 dramedy “Greek,” or as the charming “Chasing Life” character Leo Hendrie in the hit ABC Family series. But now the Illinois-born actor will be taking on a much darker role, in “Blood & Oil,” which premieres on ABC Sunday.

The 30-year-old actor, who portrays the hotheaded Wick (short for wicked, we can only assume), revealed to International Business Times what it’s like playing his first villainous role on the TV series, which centers around the biggest oil discovery in American history.

I don’t want to say [it's] easy to play the happy-go-lucky character – it’s not easy – but it’s definitely, probably, more fun to do,” he admitted. “And not that I don’t like playing Wick. I do, but it’s just – you’ve got to come to work with more emotion, with more sadness, more anger, which isn’t quite as fun as playing Cappie … you know, goofy and carefree.”

Foster said portraying the bad boy can sometimes take a toll on him.

“When you’re playing someone who is angry and sad all the time, you get a little down,” he told IBT. “But I think it’s really good for me, because it’s something I haven’t done a lot. So, it’s a good exercise for me. But on set it’s definitely darker times for me than it was for ‘Greek’ or ‘Chasing Life.’ Those are more carefree.”

The performer divulged that the driving force behind Wick’s mischievousness is his deep-rooted daddy issues.

“He’s an entitled, wealthy kid who grew up getting everything he wanted except for his father’s attention,” Foster said, explaining that his character “lashes out” to get his dad (played by Don Johnson) to notice him. But his “stupid” antics only result in Hap, the money-hungry oil tycoon, cutting his son off from the family fortune, which drives Wick further and further into darkness and despair.

“It’ll be a struggle to get back in his good graces – to reconnect again,” Foster revealed, noting that one of the obstacles for Wick reconnecting with his father will be Billy (Chace Crawford), a newlywed with big ambitions and even bigger dreams.

blood & oil season 1 spoilers Hap (Don Johnson, left) and Billy (Chace Crawford) will grow close during the series premiere of "Blood & Oil." Photo: ABC

“I can only speculate what will happen, but it think what is more likely to [occur] is there will be sort of a surrogate son relationship between Billy and Hap,” Foster theorized, noting that Wick isn’t exactly the son Hap had always hoped for … but Billy is.

This makes Wick "even more angry and sad about the relationship with his father. I don’t know what will happen, but it sounds to me like where their relationship will most likely go,” the actor teased.

Although Wick is set up as the antihero of “Blood & Oil,” we can’t help but find ourselves sympathizing for Foster’s character, hoping he’ll find a way to mend his relationship with his dad. Guess we’re still having trouble visualizing the shaggy-haired teen that we fell in love with in “Greek” in a devious light.

“Blood & Oil” will air its series premiere on Sunday, Sept. 27, at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.