Bobbi Kristina Brown’s aunt, Leolah Brown, went on a Facebook rant Friday after it was reported someone had taken a picture of Whitney Houston’s daughter as she clings to life in hospice care. Leolah didn’t say who had taken the picture, but she said that justice would be served. The post was quite long, but Leolah claimed she knew who the perpetrator was and vowed to get justice for her niece, Bobbi Kristina

“I'll tell you what! You took that picture thinking you gon get some money for it ... and that’s gon be it! ...guess what!????!!!! I will myself if no one else does-see to it that -YOU be revealed!!!! Trust me! I will put the fire so far up the medias a-- to reveal who they PAID for that,” she wrote Friday.

Leolah also claimed that the person just wants Bobbi Kristina’s money. “Everyone knows who YOU ARE! Aint nobody stupid! And no matter how much you keep that ugly smile on your ugly and evil face-and try to make the world THINK your hands are clean...YOU WILL BE EXPOSED!” she said.

Bobbi Kristina’s aunt, who is the sister of R&B singer Bobby Brown, also claimed that she would make everyone who saw her niece in hospice care take a lie detector test to determine who took the picture. “I'm on a mission to make sure my niece gets justice by ANY means necessary! And thats not a threat...(everything I do is LEGAL) ...but A PROMISE!” she finished her lengthy post.

Even though the photo was sent to TMZ, they did not publish the image. They said the picture showed a woman hovering over Bobbi Kristina, presumably a family member. An “extended family member” shot the photo, a source told TMZ. It has yet to surface, but the news site added it’s being shopped to multiple magazines and websites and there is interest in the photo.

Bobbi Kristina has been unconscious since she was found face down in a bathtub on Jan. 31. Her family has reportedly begun to set up burial arrangements.

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