Bobbi Kristina Brown’s family members were “furious” after they learned that her boyfriend Nick Gordon visited her grave last month. Gordon, who is suspect of foul play in Bobbi Kristina’s death, was barred from seeing the 22-year-old following the January incident that left her in a coma.

Gordon visited Bobbi Kristina’s grave at the Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, New Jersey, on Aug. 17, according to Radar Online. The Brown and the Houston families did not allow Gordon to attend Bobbi Kristina’s funeral and burial. The late aspiring actress’ grandmother, Cissy Houston, could not control her emotions after learning that Gordon visited Bobbi Kristina’s grave.

"Only 14 days before Cissy was there to bury her beloved grandchild next to the grave of her tragic daughter, Whitney Houston,” a source told Radar Online. "Cissy still can't come to grips with 'Krissi' being dead -- and when she heard Nick went there, she collapsed in grief.

"Both sides of the family, including Bobbi Kristina's dad Bobby Brown and her aunt Pat Houston, are furious that Nick dared to go to the grave after he was barred from her funeral, and before then, from the hospital and the hospice facility where she eventually died," the source told Radar Online.

Last week, reports surfaced that Gordon was offered a hefty amount of $40,000 by paparazzi in exchange for his photos of the grave visit. Radar Online posted several photos of Gordon from his visit to the Fairview Cemetery.

“Nick went there to face his demons," another source told Radar Online. "He needed closure. He knew he had to make the journey to the grave to say goodbye -- particularly after he was banned for six months from visiting her in the hospital or paying his final respects to her in the hospice. He said he begged her family to attend her funeral in Atlanta, but was banned from there too.”

The daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston died on July 26 at the age of 22 after remaining in an unresponsive state for nearly six months. Bobbi Kristina was found face down in a bathtub at her Atlanta home on Jan. 31. She was put in a medically induced coma, but was later taken off life support after months of treatment failed to revive her.

Police are reportedly conducting a homicide investigation into Bobbi Kristina’s death. Bedelia Hargrove, Bobbi Kristina’s legal conservator, filed an amended lawsuit this month against Gordon, alleging that he drugged Bobbi Kristina with a “toxic cocktail” and then drowned her in a bathtub. The 25-year-old is also accused of abusing Bobbi Kristina and stealing her money.