Arkansas Razorbacks football coach Bobby Petrino was involved in a motorcycle crashed after he veered off a highway. He was taken to the hospital for medical treatment. His condition is reportedly, not life threatening.

Bill Sadler, a spokesman for the Arkansas State Police, said the crash occurred Sunday night on Arkansas Highway 16 in Madison County near the community of Crosses, a small town in the northwest section of the state, approximately 20 miles from Fayetteville, reported CBS.

Petrino was reportedly taken to a hospital in Washignton Coutny. However, Sadler did comment which hospital.

Zack Higbee, a spokesman for Petrino, did not comment on the situation. However, Robbie Neiswanger of the Arkansas News Bureau reported that the head coach of the football team remained in the hospital overnight.

A person reportedly close to Petrino said that his condition was not life threatening. The person spoke only under the condition of anonymity.   

The University of Arkansas released a statement regarding the incident, acknowledging the fact that Petrino was involved in a crash.

Coach Petrino was involved in a motorcycle accident on Sunday evening that involved no other individuals, said the University in a statement. He is in stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery. Our family appreciates respect for our privacy during the recovery and we are grateful for the thoughts of Razorback fans at this time.

Thomas Murphy reported that Petrino received kinds of cuts and busies, but will is expected to make a full recovery.  

Petrino has coached Arkansas the last four years, bringing the team to three straight bowl games. Last season, the Razorbacks were ranked fifth in the nation are expected to be a formidable opponent during the 2012 season.