After more than three years of delay, Boeing's Dreamliner jet is all set for its first commercial flight on Wednesday.

The 787 Dreamliner will be carrying passengers in addition to 40 journalists from Tokyo's Narita airport to Hong Kong. The 264 seat aircraft features a carbon composite design with large windows (as high as 47 centimeters) and wider cabins (18 feet wide).

It was bright and very spacious, said Shinichiro Ito, the ANA President, as quoted by Bloomberg. Ito was talking to reporters in Tokyo, on Oct. 20, describing his first flight on the plane.

I could also feel clearly it was a very quiet airliner, he added.

Initially, the Dreamliner was scheduled for delivery during the year 2008. Reuters reported that the plane was originally conceived in 2001 as a Sonic Cruiser, designed for a bygone era of aviation that quickly morphed into one filled with bankruptcies and soaring fuel costs. It was a design that promised the first serious speed increase since the advent of the now defunct Concorde.

Reuters further mentioned that where most jetliners, during that period, cruised at around eight-tenths the speed of sound, the Sonic Cruiser promised a speed of Mach 0.98, lopping hours off long-haul flights between Tokyo and New York.