The Boston Bruins Parade was a sunny, joyous, but peaceful occasion for delighted Bostonian during the day on Saturday.

The weather was absolutely beautiful, the Bruins players were in good spirits, and the 1 million Bostonians who showed up were thankful.

Not that Boston sports fans weren’t blessed already; they have the recent championships of the Patriots, Celtics, and the Red Sox.

Still, the northern city, one of the bigger communities for hockey in America, was appreciative of the title.  The Bruins, one of the oldest and most storied franchises in the NHL, won the title after a 39-year drought, which for many young fans lasted their entire lifetime.

Meanwhile in Vancouver

There was fire, destruction, and violence on the night of June 15.  It started off as dissatisfaction at the Canucks’ loss.  It then involved to the burning of Bruins flags.  From there, it evolved to the burning of multiple vehicles and the outright defiance of the law on many levels.

The difference between Boston and Vancouver were night and day, both in the figurative and literal sense.