Winter 2015 has not been easy for New England. Boston has been slammed with several feet of snow in the past two weeks and there are no signs of the severe weather stopping.

For those who want to see the Boston snowfall firsthand, NBC News has set up a snow cam. Check it out here. Viewers can see people walk down the street once the snow subsides and snowplows attempt to clear the streets.

The most recent storm, coupled with more impending snow, forced the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) to suspend some Red and Orange Line services Monday. “Due to rapidly deteriorating conditions, the MBTA is suspending Red Line service between Braintree and JFK/UMass Stations and Orange Line service between Oak Grove and Sullivan Stations for the remainder of the day, Monday, Feb. 9,” the MBTA wrote on its site. The cancellations will continue throughout the night.

“The MBTA will provide very limited replacement bus service during this suspension of rail service, but weather conditions are severely challenging our ability to provide reliable or frequent bus service,” the transit authority added.

Gov. Charlie Baker called the suspensions “unacceptable.” “We've been disappointed by the fact that even an abbreviated schedule has not been able to be maintained," Baker said, according to WCVB Boston. Sixty-six trains were canceled, the Boston Globe reported.

Since the storm began Saturday, up to 21 inches of snow have fallen in some areas. In the past month, Boston has seen 73.9 inches of snow -- a record for the city, the Washington Post wrote Monday.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh commented on the unprecedented snowfall and added the city is running out of places to put it. “We've never seen this type of snow here in the city of Boston any other time in the history of our city," he said, according to ABC News.

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