Brandi Glanville, a “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, revealed that she will be undergoing surgery to remove a benign breast tumor on Dec. 12, after an apparent cancer scare.

The 40-year-old former fashion model and reality television personality first revealed the she had been diagnosed with the tumor over Twitter, writing to fans in what appeared to be a joke aimed at her ex-husband’s wife LeAnn Rimes, "Ignore N haters, I think I found a name 4 tumor in my booby thats coming out dec12 starts with an R &ends with an online [sic].”

Glanville quickly followed up the tweet with another message, clarifying that the tumor wasn’t cancerous.  “Its not the big C'please dont worry,” she tweeted, to the relief of her fans. “Its just some n'lame thats been making me ill.”

“OMG, thank God it’s not the C. Take care ma belle !!! ♥” responded Twitter user @melwister. “im gangsta! I got this, it does hurt like a mo fo tho :)” Glanville wrote back.

However, despite her reassurances to fans, Glanville revealed she was nervous about the procedure in an interview with In Touch. “I'm anxious about the recovery but have great friends who will be playing nurse," she said. “I'm ready to get it over with and feel better."

Unfortunately for the Beverly Hills “housewife,” the health concern hasn’t been the only source of stress in her life. Glanville continues to feud with her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian, who divorced her after a publicized extramarital affair with Rimes on the set of the 2009 Lifetime movie “Northern Lights,” allegedly over the welfare of their two sons, Mason and Jake.

Glanville recently slammed Rimes in an interview with US Weekly, saying that she didn’t believe Rimes was a “stable” stepmom for her sons, and accused her of having a “severe eating disorder.”

“LeAnn has a severe eating disorder,” Glanville said. “She has [a laxative] in every purse. [My son] Mason found one on the floor and thought it was a Skittle! They don't keep sugar in the house. He thought he finally found candy!"

“He gets extremely sick, and that freaks me the f--k out,” she continued. “There's a lot more that's going on recently since LeAnn went into rehab, or wherever it is she went. A lot more than people know. I don't have communication with [Cibrian and Rimes] because I don't get responses when I reach out. I only get responses when I put it on Twitter.”

Rimes has previously expressed remorse about beginning a relationship with Cibrian in a way that hurt both her ex-husband, Dean Sheremet, and Glanville.

"All I wish is that everybody we hurt, that I hurt, can be happy," Rimes told Giuliana Rancic in 'E! Special: LeAnn Rimes.' "I wish I handled it differently because I wish I could have been better for me, for Brandi, for Dean, for Eddie, for everyone else," she added before dissolving into tears.