The Brazilian Air force confirmed Thursday night that the that the debris found in the Atlantic was not from that Air France jet that disappeared on Sunday with 228 people on board.

“Until now no piece of the aircraft has been found,” Brigadier Ramon Borges Cardoso, Director of Airspace Control for the Brazilian Air force, told journalists.

Search teams found a piece of wood in the ocean on Thursday and after further analysis the piece of wood was confirmed not to be part of the crashed AF 447 flight.

In the same region 300 miles from the Fernando de Noronha archipelago oil leaks were found on the ocean which according to Cardoso could possibly be from a ship rather than the aircraft.

Speculation over what caused the accident has ranged from a massive, lightning-packed storm in the area at the time, to turbulence, to pilot error or a combination of factors.

Flight data recorders are yet to be found, Air France has told families of passengers that the aircraft likely broke apart with no survivors.

With the crucial flight recorders still missing, investigators were relying heavily on the plane's automated messages to help reconstruct what happened as the jet flew through violent thunderstorms on Sunday.

The last message from the pilot was a manual signal at 11pm local time, saying he was flying through an area of black, electrically charged clouds with violent winds and lightning.