Recent photos depicting an Amazon tribe have been confirmed by the Brazilian government authorities as an un-contacted indigenous group. The discovered tribe is among the few un-contacted groups remaining and the Brazilian government is making sure it remains that way by forbidding contact with outsiders.

Aerial satellite images reveal tribal members and straw houses surrounded with thick vegetation.

It has been reported that the Brazilian government has known about the newly discovered tribe existence as well as other groups since 1910, but has not made attempts to make contact with them.

In 2008, similar photos were taken of another undiscovered, or un-contacted tribal groups shooting arrows at the photographer's airplane. The photo releases have triggered attention into how Brazil handled the discovery of lost tribes.

Officials are working to prevent tribes from getting in contact with external threats.

Risks of contact with outsiders would put the indigenous groups at risk to illnesses, since they have not built immunity to them.

The Brazilian government is also taking further measures in protecting the tribal habitat by investigating illegal logging, which have been a major disruption to their existence. The location of the tribe village is filed as confidential information.

Fiona Watson, Survival's Brazil expert, commented on Brazil's existing tribes. It's about respecting their rights to live their lives as they want to, letting them get on with their lives...In 20 years, they may decide they do want to come out of the forest, but that's for them to decide. It's about protecting the land and letting them live as they wish to, said Watson.

According to FUNAI, the tribal group consists of 200 people originating from a Pano linguistic community and has continued to thrive by surviving on peanuts, bananas, and corn crops. The originating Pano group along with other un-contacted tribes exists on the Brazilian Amazon, Peruvian, and Bolivian jungles. The region of Vale do Javari is known to host the most un-contacted indigenous groups in the world.


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