Step aside, lolcats.

Breading cats is officially the future of the internet. The fad was first reported on by Gawker, which aptly pointed out that breading is a throw-back to the old Japanese meme, putting-food-on-rabbits.

In a similar fashion to the food-on-rabbits meme, breading your cat involves placing food atop the animals head.

The meme is pretty simple to execute: Take a super cute cat, a slice of bread, chomp a hole in the bread (not the cat), carefully place the head of your cat through the bread hole and let the good times roll.

As your cat sits embarrassed and a bit bewildered, don't forget to create a portrait of your kitty. Then, post it up on the official Facebook page for breading cats, which has more than 9,000 followers.

The Fluffington Post, the world leader in fluffy animal news, has failed to report on the trend, instead choosing to cover photos of dogs wearing goggles. The news decision by The Fluffington Post marks a rare occasion in which the media outlet has opted for cool over cute. Nonetheless, we suspect that they'll soon give this exploding trend the attention it deserves.