Rumors that Britney Spears’ relationship with her fiancé, Jason Trawick, has been on the rocks have been swirling for months, but now, according to Star magazine, Trawick is preparing to call it quits, and has told everyone except Britney.

Trawick is reportedly so fed up with Spears’ antics that he has already told her parents that he plans to end things as soon as she finishes up her obligations for “The X Factor,” because he doesn’t want to burden her with the breakup while she is still filming the show.

"Jason has told Britney's entire family that he's planning to leave her, so that Britney will have a support system when he breaks the bad news," said a source for the Hollywood Gossip. The publication also reported claims that Trawick plans to stay on as Britney’s manager after the split. Trawick also used to serve as Spears’ agent, but stepped down from that position in 2011, allegedly around the time that they began dating.

However, a second source close to Spears denied having heard the rumors. "I haven't heard anything about [the breakup], but I do know they are going on vacation together for the holidays."

Spears, 30, and Trawick, 40, announced their engagement last December (Trawick allegedly popped the question on his 40th birthday) but have since been slammed with rumors that the wedding is fated to never happen. According to a report by Radar Online, the couple had already begun informing guests and family by November that the wedding would be postponed.

"Britney and Jason had planned to get married at the end of December, but they have been fighting non-stop so the wedding has now been called off," said a source for Radar. "They are telling their friends it's being postponed, but they will probably never make it down the aisle. Britney doesn't think Jason is any fun and resents him because he acts more like a second father than a romantic partner, or equal.”

"Britney's parents are absolutely devastated that the wedding has been called off," continued the source. "Lynne is very close to Jason and views him as one of her children. Meanwhile, Jamie feels that Jason shouldn't have proposed to Britney if his heart wasn't in it, and feels a little betrayed. It doesn't help matters that both Jamie and Jason are co-conservators of Britney. The whole situation is just sad for everyone."

Spear’s publicist, Jeff Raymond, initially dismissed rumors that the wedding had been called off, calling the reports false and “desperate.”