Communications technology company Broadcom (NASDAQ: BRCM) said this week that it has developed technology that can reduce the size of wireless headsets, while improving the sound quality and energy efficiency.

Broadcom unveiled two Bluetooth chipsets and software that the company says can reduce the size and complexity of today's Bluetooth headphones, and cellphone ear pieces.

The new chips can better resist interference from other devices, and blocking by the human body that results in degraded radio performance, according to Broadcom.

This new product targets the second largest application in the Bluetooth market and it provides an opportunity to drive further growth within this segment, said Celeste Crystal, Senior Research Analyst, Semiconductors at IDC. As Bluetooth headsets continue to grow in popularity, form factor and sound quality will continue to convince consumers of the benefits of the wireless hands-free experience.

The chips have their complement in Broadcom's SmartAudio software, a sound and voice enhancement technology that improves audio quality in noisy environments by reducing background noise by 95 percent.

Broadcom said the new products, introduced Monday, aren't generally available yet, but are being rolled out to early access customers.

Bluetooth is a wireless specification that is widely used in phones, headsets, and other consumer electronic devices. It allows data to be transferred between one electronic device and another.