A 3-month-old baby was pronounced dead on Monday hours after the a domestic dispute between the infant's parents broke out.

Police say that they were called to an apartment building on Stratford Avenue in Soundview. Around 11 a.m., police arrived on the scene to investigate an alleged assault of the infant's grandmother by her father, reported NY1.

Reports are unclear about what transpired, but within the next two hours, the infant Anetta Taylor-Palmer was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead.

I think the night before my daughter said something like the baby wasn't feeling well and she was worried because the baby was sleeping too long so she said she was gonna get off and go wake her up. You know, she said she was sleeping too long and she wasn't feeling well, said a neighbor, according to NY1.

Kevin Palmer, 20, was charged with assault of the baby's mother and grandmother. Medical examiners are determining the cause of death.