Former amateur bodybuilder Jay McGwire, the youngest brother of baseball player Mark McGwire, reveals in his book details of Mark McGwire's use of performance enhancing drugs.

He is also trying to sell a manuscript entitled The McGwire Family Secret: The Truth about Steroids, a Slugger, and Ultimate Redemption that details Mark McGwire's use of performance enhancing drugs.

He also claims, he introduced his brother to a steroid dealer shortly after he won a bodybuilding contest in May 1994. The supplier, who was also a trainer, explained how different drugs affected the body and answered his brother's questions. But his brother used low dosages of drugs.

According to Jay McGwire, My bringing the truth to surface about Mark is out of love,

I want Mark to live in truth to see the light, to come to repentance so he can live in freedom, which is the only way to live.

McGwire brothers had considerable success in sports, Mark McGwire in Major League Baseball (MLB) and Dan McGwire in the National Football League (NFL) whereas Jay McGwire's greatest athletic achievement was winning a bodybuilding trophy.

Jay McGwire is a born-again Christian who rediscovered God and is doing it out of the goodness of his heart. But it is difficult to believe his motivations arise out of love for his brother's steroid and performance-enhancing drug users are highly suspect.