Bruce Jenner may be facing serious legal issues for his involvement in a deadly car accident nearly two months ago. As we previously reported, Jenner was driving on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California, on Feb. 7 when he collided with another motorist, later identified as Kim Howe. The impact sent Howe’s Lexus into oncoming traffic, where she was then struck by a Hummer. The second collision destroyed her car and, ultimately, led to Howe’s death.

The former Olympian initially said Howe was to blame for the accident, but the New York Post's Page Six reports that various re-enactment videos prove that is not the case. Now, TMZ reports that her two grown stepchildren – Howe’s closest surviving relatives – are looking to sue Jenner for her wrongful death.

The site alleges that, although friends say they had “virtually no relationship” to Howe, both of them have sought legal counsel. The stepchildren, who don't live in California, have been advised by lawyers to gather as much evidence as possible to prove they did in fact have a relationship with Howe, 69. TMZ claims the evidence will help to build their case, proving that Howe’s death did in fact cause them damage.

According to TMZ, it is unclear what either stepchild hopes to gain from the lawsuit, as neither stands a chance of inheriting Howe’s property. The site reports she did not have any remaining close relatives as her husband died in 2003, and both her parents appear to have died years earlier. Sources revealed that, before her death, Howe set up a trust, leaving all of her assets to charity. She also had a will, which did not name either of her stepchildren as a beneficiary to her money or belongings, but rather requested that $55,000 be donated to various charities. Those charities include PETA, the Lange Foundation, PAWS, the Doris Day Animal League and the Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee.

According to the Daily Mail, other lawyers have said “the sky’s the limit” for possible outcomes if the case is brought to court. Sources close to the situation say it is very likely, regardless of the outcome, that the 65-year-old Jenner will be forced to pay money out of pocket to whoever sues him. The site claims Jenner is only insured up to $250,000, which barely puts a dent in what he may have to pay Howe’s estranged stepchildren.

At this time it appears unlikely Jenner faces criminal charges as he was not breaking the law at the time of the fatal crash.