It’s been freezing in every U.S. state, but no place has been hit as hard as Buffalo, New York, when it comes to snow. The home of the Buffalo Bills is enduring harsh winter weather that has left seven people dead and dozens trapped since it was buried in at least 5 feet of snow, NBC News reported Wednesday. The snowfall, which may break records, will probably not stop until Friday.

A seventh storm-related death occurred Wednesday after a man with cardiac problems was not able to reach the hospital because of the snow, WGRZ-TV reporter Dave McKinley tweeted.

Nearly 140 miles of Interstate 90 have been closed and there is no word when it will open, NBC News wrote. About 150 cars were stranded on the roadway and 40 people were rescued from their vehicles, the Weather Channel added.

The Buffalo Bills took to Twitter to ask their fans to help shovel Ralph Wilson Stadium. Volunteers will be paid $10 an hour and given free tickets to help get rid of the estimated 220,000 tons of snow, according TWC.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a state of emergency for 10 counties Tuesday evening. “Mother Nature is showing us who’s boss once again,” Cuomo said, according to NBC News. “This snowfall may break all sorts of records, and that’s saying something in western New York and in Buffalo.” He called the snow “historic” and said “it will get worse before it gets better,” according to the Buffalo News.

As severe as the deadly storm has been, it has not been given a name. The Weather Channel has recently taken to nicknaming winter storms, like Nemo, but the front that has dumped more than 60 inches of snow does not have a moniker. Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz said county leaders unofficially named the storm “knife” because it cut “in the heart of Erie County," the Buffalo News wrote. 

Buffalo Niagara International Airport is still open, even though dozens of flights have been grounded there, TWC wrote. However, hundreds of schools, government offices and businesses have been closed because of the frigid weather.

The shocking weather got the attention of netizens, who made #BuffaloSnow a top-trending topic on Twitter. Users shared pictures of piles of snow, and creative things people can do when faced with enormous mounds of the white stuff. Some of their posts are listed below:

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