With time approaching Harold Camping's May 21st predicted time of when the world should end (a.k.a Dooms or Rapture day), we can't help but think about  what will happen to many of his followers who have surprised us and perhaps caused confused looks among us as we learned how they have been emptying their pockets, some to the very last cent, for this occasion.

What will they do after they realize that nothing has changed? Some will probably panic and try to knife Mr. Camping(as some tried back in 1992 with Mission For The Coming Days religious sect claiming a similar Dooms day scenary)but nothing is certain yet. One thing certain however is that all the money they have put into this is making businesses profit.

So, which businesses are exactly profiting from this?

1. Media agencies that manage billboards and ad space in various key locations of the cities. 

2. Book publishers that sell products to an apocaliptically fanatical public whose appetite for such content must've certainly been aroused once again after all this media frenzy.

3. Bars and Clubs who are apparently throwing 'End of the World' parties to celebrate the rapture to celestial realms(although I doubt most of them would actually go to heaven). According to ABCnews.com the 'Tavern at the End of the World' will host such party and the manager has informed having received alot of calls for the event.

4. Pet-Keeping Companies that will take care of pets left behind raptured owners. Because the Bible mentions nothing about rapturing pets, owners will have no other choice than to give away their pets or to pay companies to take care of them once they themselves are heaven-bound.

5. Lodging/Hotels must've encountered a sudden boost in occupancy with people reportedly selling their residences and staying at hotels and motels during their final hours on this planet.