Chevrolet's C7 Corvette is one of the most hotly-anticipated cars set to be released in the next year or so, and a new video shows us a glimpse of what the car may look like when it hits the streets.

The C6 Corvette has gone through a number of different editions from the Grand Sport to the ZR1, but car lovers are waiting on the C7 Corvette to blow all of them out of the water with a new look, new features and of course a powerful engine.

Now we may have the clearest view yet of what the new C7 Corvette will likely look like, as a video has been released by Missouri's Trinity Animation that takes all the information, photographs, renderings and rumors about the C7, and combines it into one short video.

The clip, called "C7 Corvette Visualization," depicts just what the firm, which has extensive experience in automotive animation, believes is the best guess of what the car will look like.

The video starts with a dramatic intro, starting with an on-screen explanation of the project: "CORVETTE: In early 2013, the C7 2014 Seventh-Generation design will be revealed to the world. This film is an artist's simulation of what the 2014 Corvette might look like. The creators of this film are not connected with GM, Chevrolet or Corvette in any way. The design of the vehicle depicted in this film is based on publicly available illustrations and photos."

Viewers are then treated to a slow-motion reveal of the sexy animated version of the C7 Corvette. The camera swoops along the curves of the car, slowly revealing the true look of the vehicle, which is a nice gun-metal silver.

The car has some really neat details, including accent LED lighting in the headlights, and rear wheel wells, some fly fender vents up front, and rectangle-shaped taillights outside of the classic Corvette mold. The four tailpipes are all in the center, and the rear of the car has been smashed a little flatter than that of the C6 rear.

It's hard to determine how accurate the video is, but Chevrolet is poised to reveal the C7 as soon as early next year, so car enthusiasts buckle your seatbelts for what is guaranteed to be a sight to behold.

Press play below to watch Trinity Animation's animated concept video for the 2014 C7 Corvette: