A new ordinance in Chicago went into effect on Sunday after three years of petitioning by taxi drivers called the cab vomit fee for any passenger who barfs in the vehicle.

Prior to the passing of the ordinance by the Chicago City Council, cab drivers could not charge riders a fee if they vomited in the taxi. But the ordinance passed in January instated a regulation for drivers to charge a $50 cleanup fee to passengers who barfed in their taxis beginning on Sunday.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the city is one of the first to consider including a cab vomit fee though Austin, TX and Savannah, GA have already enacted similar fines.

In addition to the cab vomit fee, the City Council passed other rules and regulations for taxi drivers and their passengers including a permanent $1 passenger fuel surcharge. The ordinance also restricted drivers to working 12 hours a day excluding breaks and enforced a more regulated record and schedule documentation. Companies will also be responsible for driving violations and must published a list of suspended, denied and revoked drivers weekly.