Meet Caffrey, a 13-year-old grey Persian cat with yellow eyes. What makes him so special?

Ten years ago Caffrey lost a hind leg after he was run over by a car, his owner Sue Greaves of Woking in Surrey explained to the Daily Mail.

His left front paw was also badly injured during the accident, but thanks to a series of operations that Greaves paid $5,450 for, it was saved.

Greaves, 58, explained to the British newspaper that she couldn’t bear for Caffrey to be put down.

Unfortunately for Caffrey, his mobility was threatened again when his vet found a malignant tumor in his front leg four months ago.

Greaves was advised to put the cat down after Caffrey’s vet consulted with four colleagues, but she maintained that he wouldn’t be “bothered at all” by becoming a biped. After all, he had lived most of his life with only three legs, while obviously most cats have four. Caffrey was no stranger to struggle, or triumph.

Doctors went ahead and amputated another of the animal’s limbs, which left the aging Persian cat with two legs on the same side.

It wasn’t long after the procedure, in fact a lot sooner than doctors had predicted, that Caffrey was back on his own (now-two) feet scattering around town.

"Everyone who sees him is astonished at what he can do," Greaves is quoted as saying. "He doesn't seem bothered at all by having only two legs."

The Persian cat can be seen happily walking about in a documented YouTube video that was done by

The 13-year-old feline seems to have mastered the two-legged walk.

Caffrey isn’t the only two-legged cat to rise to Internet fame, though. According to the Huffington Post a cat named Anakin was all the rage last summer, except he walks on his two front limbs since his hind legs never developed.

Check out the clip of Caffrey, the two-legged Persian, getting around town: