Canadian officials said a 71-year-old man drove about 225 miles on Sunday with his wife dead in the passenger seat before notifying police of her passing.

The Wenatchee World reported the 75-year-old wife became ill and died while the couple was heading home to Oliver, British Columbia from a vacation in Oregon.

Tonasket Police Chief Robert Burks said the woman, whose name was not released, died in Pasco, Wash. From complications of a medical condition, but the husband did not call vehicle emergency system OnStar until much later.

He wasn't sure what to do, so he kept driving, Burks told The Wenatchee World.

Burks said the man called OnStar after driving about 225 miles to Tonasket, 20 miles south of Canada.

I think it was just not registering that he needed to stop. He was taking her home, probably, to deal with it up there, Burks said.

According to the report, the dispatcher told the man to go to the Tonasket Police Department. His wife was sent to North Valley Hospital and pronounced dead on arrival.

Police said there was nothing suspicious in her death and did not order an autopsy, as she died suddenly of a medical condition.