Miriam Carey -- the Connecticut woman who was shot and killed by the U.S. Capitol Police after she tried to ram through a White House gate in Washington, D.C. earlier this month -- placed a number of emergency 911 phone calls in the months leading up to her death, all of which highlight her fragile mental state.

According to the New York Post, Carey’s 911 calls reveal a woman who thought that multiple men were stalking and videotaping her.

“I have some people prowling outside of my window and they’ve been prowling outside of my window for, uh, all day,” Carey can be heard saying in a 911 call to Stamford police dated Nov. 29, 2012.

“They’re what outside your window?” the dispatcher asks.

“People loitering, and they’re actually trying to videotape me from my window,” Carey replies. She also says that “maybe four or five” men are trying to videotape her through her front and back windows.

When asked why she was being videotaped, Carey said “because they’ve been stalking me for the past several months.” When pressed as to why she was being stalked, Carey replied, “I don’t know, um, they have special interests and items …” before being cut off by the 911 dispatcher.

Listen to the call below:

In the second 911 call obtained by the Post and dated Dec. 10, 2012, Eric Francis -- the 55-year-old father of Carey’s daughter – calls Stamford police to say that Carey is behaving erratically, including taking their daughter outside with no coat on, and locking herself in the bathroom.

"Miriam, she's outside now with the baby without any coat,” Francis says in the call. “She's just like physically ... I mean they definitely need to take her somewhere to get some help," Francis said in a 911 call. "She locked herself in the bathroom and the baby's crying. It's been going on for a week now."

“She needs help, please,” Francis can be heard saying. Listen to the call below:

According to the Associated Press, Carey -- who had been diagnosed with postpartum depression and psychosis -- told officers who responded to the second phone call that she believed she was being monitored by U.S. President Barack Obama.

"She stated that President Obama put Stamford in lock down after speaking to her because she is the Prophet of Stamford," the police report released Thursday said.

According to the AP, Francis called police twice in one night later that month to report that Carey was exhibiting signs of delusional behavior. When cops showed up at her Stamford condo, they found milk splattered on the floor. Carey refused to go to the hospital and tried to kick one of the officers.

As the Post reports, Miriam Carey also called 911 last May to report that the wheels on her 2011 black Infiniti G37 -- the same car she used in the Oct. 3 incident that ended in her death -- had been stolen, which turned out to be true.

Listen to the call below: