A state report says that Casey Anthony is responsible for her daughter's death.

The report was released by Florida's Department of Children and Families on Thursday.

"The Department of Children and Families concludes that the actions or the lack of actions by the alleged perpetrator ultimately resulted or contributed in the death of the child," the report said.

The report will not result in new charges against Anthony.

Anthony was cleared last month of murdering her daughter, prompting a national outcry. An Oklahoma woman who resembled Anthony was attacked in a parking lot not long after the verdict was read.  

The prosecution's biggest argument against Anthony was that she did not immediately report her daughter's supposed disappearance. There was a 31-day gap between when Caylee went missing and when the police were notified. Prosecutors also showed pictures of Anthony attending a party during that interval.

The report cited the gap as a "failure to act" and said this delayed and interfered with the law's "best efforts to safely recover the child."

Anthony has virtually disappeared from the public eye, although she has been spotted in Ohio, where she is reported to have family.