3D Now plans to introduce its new product 3D Now Theater, the world's first non-anaglyphic frame-sequential stereoscopic processor that can convert any 2D HD display with an HDMI input - new or old - into a high quality, stereoscopic 3D display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012. 

3D Now Theater can play 3D content from virtually any 3D-enabled source, such as Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, cable and satellite, the internet and many more.

Users can easily enjoy the 3D experience in three simple steps:

1. Purchase any 3D DVD, your favorite movies, or connect to your satellite or cable box with 3D service

2. Install 3D converter between 3D source and existing 2D HD TV or projector

3. Press Play and enjoy how 3D Now brings the action into you living room

Almost everyone wants to enjoy all of the great new 3D content becoming more and more available, but most people don't want to invest in a new 3D-ready flat panel display or projector, the Director of Sales for 3D Now, Doug Smith, said. 3D Now Theater is the perfect solution for instantly converting those 2D displays into high performance 3D experience.

This processor will be available in the beginning of Spring in 2012 through authorized dealers and retailers in the U.S..

3D Now is the first producer of non-anaglyphic frame-sequential stereoscopic processors.