A video promo for Anger Management, a new show on FX featuring Charlie Sheen, debuted on Tuesday, bringing the former Two And a Half Men star back from the dead.

Sheen is seen in a tuxedo in the 15 second video popping up from a coffin, while a voice proclaims, Charlie Sheen died, and went to FX, an allusion to the death of his character in season nine of Two And a Half Men.

The FX show Anger Management stars Sheen as an ex-basketball player who becomes an anger management therapist with Shawnee Smith as Sheen's ex-wife and Selma Blair as his psychiatrist.

Anger Management will also make references to events that happened in Sheen's real life like his comments about tiger blood and his addiction to winning.

The show will premiere on FX on Thursday, June 28 at 9 p.m. EST. Until then, view the 15 second teaser video from FX below.