The hit “Chasing Destiny” BET show has given music and reality series fans a look at a potential new girl group that could rock the entertainment industry. Showrunner Kelly Rowland has also helped to unveil the group’s new track, as well as her thoughts about introducing a new girl group.

“Chasing Destiny” creator Rowland has been on a journey to find talented ladies to form a new girl group who will hopefully make their mark in the music and entertainment industry. The “Destiny’s Child” alum shared in an interview with Los Angeles Times that she felt like “it was time” to introduce a new girl group given what she perceived was a “void in the marketplace” for such music acts.

Rowland has even selected and mentored several ladies through the BET reality show. These ladies include Brienna DeVlugt, Ashly Williams, Kristal Lyndriette, Shyann Roberts and Gabrielle Carreiro. In previous episodes of “Chasing Destiny,” avid viewers have witnessed these talented women hone their craft and overcome challenges. Rowland commented that she wanted the BET show to be “shot differently” and to feature “more spontaneity,” as indicated in the same report.

So far Rowland’s “Chasing Destiny” girl group has displayed their singing prowess in various song numbers. However, the five-member girl group has yet to pin down a name to call themselves. Rowland shared with Los Angeles Times that the five ladies came close to using “1310” as their group name. It appears the numbers represent the group’s first apartment number. The group then decided to drop it given superstitions over the number 13.

On the other hand, the “Chasing Destiny” girl group has recently released its new track titled “All of Us.” Rowland even took to Twitter on Wednesday to share the good news. She wrote, “Listen to All of Us by Chasing Destiny on @AppleMusic.” She also included the said song’s iTunes link in her post.

Meanwhile, the final episode of “Chasing Destiny” aired on Tuesday.