Not only do viewers get a peek into the life of Dancing with the Stars contestant Chaz Bono during a new documentary about his life, but also a glimpse into his love life, as he proposes to long-time girlfriend, Jennifer Elia.

During a preview clip for Being Chaz, a one-hour special to air Sunday on OWN about Bono's life post-gender transformation surgery, Bono proposed to his girlfriend in Seattle.

I wanted to pick a special place to give you your birthday present and I hope you like this, Bono said.

As 42-year-old Bono opened the blue box which contained a giant diamond ring, Elia said, Wow. It's gorgeous. Thank you so much.

Bono slipped the ring on his now fiancé's finger as she said, It's stunning. It's huge! before jokingly calling her husband-to-be heavy sh-t man!

The couple celebrated their sixth anniversary in August, just after an appearance on Piers Morgan tonight where Bono said the couple was holding off proposing as he underwent the gender transformation.

We've been engaged actually for two years, he said, while Elia admitted her support.

When you have a partner who's happy in their skin and happy in general, not depressed and feeling completely in the wrong body, it changes everything, Elia said.

Being Chaz is a follow-up documentary to Becoming Chaz, an Emmy-nominated documentary showing Chaz's transition from a woman into a man. The one-hour special will feature the engagement along with controversy surrounding threats to Chaz Bono when he competed on Dancing with the Stars.

People feel so angry that Chaz is entering their television, Jennifer Elia said in a clip. People who make change get shot...It's not worth doing a show if you're going to get shot.