Talk show host Chelsea Handler is no stranger to having a laugh at the expense of others. Thursday night on her show, her latest target was Christina Aguilera.

Handler, who regularly takes shots at the revealing outfits Aguilera wears on “The Voice,” upped the ante as she had “Voice” singing coach Blake Shelton as a guest on her late night show.

The comedienne donned a skimpy outfit similar to the costumes the singer would wear as she welcomed Shelton to the show, according to the Daily Mail. Handler wore an all-black outfit: a low-cut bra top with hot pants, fishnet tights and high-heeled ankle books.

Shelton was quite amused and burst into laughter as he approached stage.

"Happy Christmas to ME!" he said to Handler.

According to the host, she wore the outfit in order to make the country music star “feel more at home.”

“I wanted to dress like Christina to make you more comfortable. I wanted you to feel like you were at your own job,” Handler explained.

She quickly turned her jokes on to Shelton in her usually sarcastic style.

“I know you had to travel five minutes in a golf cart from your studio to this studio, and I know with your drinking schedule how hard that must of been!” she said.

But Shelton had a cool retort for the comedian; “I didn't hear a word of what you said,” he said with an expressionless face.

Handler’s sidekick, Chuy, also joined in on “The Voice” dress-up fun by wearing a bright red fluffy coat similar to styles worn by another of the show’s judges, Cee Lo Green.