Chris Brown is reportedly begging and pleading with Nia Guzman to allow their daughter Royalty come to his Texas tour. But Guzman has reportedly rejected his requests giving rise to speculation that this could further fuel their ongoing feud.

“Chris is desperately asking Nia to allow Royalty to come with him on tour while he’s in Texas,” a source told Hollywood Life, adding that Guzman is “blocking his request, telling him flat out 'no.'”

The “Loyal” singer has reportedly beefed up security on his “One Hell of a Nite” tour, after Guzman claimed that their 1-year-old daughter is not safe with Brown.

According to TMZ, Brown hired five extra security guards, including one who will keep a close eye on all his jewelry and money. In July, the singer’s Los Angeles home was ransacked by three masked men, who fled with cash and expensive diamond jewelry.

Brown, who’s expected to go to court with Guzman in the next one week, doesn’t want anything to jeopardize his chances of getting joint custody of Royalty.

As previously reported, the singer lashed out at Guzman last month after news broke that her rapper boyfriend King Ba had a warrant out for his arrest.

However, a public relations representative for Guzman denied that she was in a relationship with King Ba and that she was a part of any criminal activity with him.

"Nia has not been in a dating relationship with Ba for several months and she has no criminal record and has never took park in any criminal activity with Ba,” Guzman’s representative said in the statement.

Brown and Guzman have been feuding since the former filed legal papers for Royalty’s custody. Tensions between them escalated after Guzman did not allow Brown to FaceTime with his daughter. Despite Guzman’s several efforts to keep the toddler away from Brown, the two united last month during the singer’s tour.