It looks like the Hip Hop star-crossed lovers Rihanna and Chris Brown are officially back together despite the harrowing story of the their split. Several years ago their relationship came to an abrupt and brutal end when Brown physically assaulted the singer with his free hand while driving a car according to the full police report detailing the night in question, which was only recently leaked to the public. 

Now Hip Hop producer Terius Youngdell Nash, known as 'The Dream' has spoken out about their relationship, and the track they collaborated on in the days leading up to their reunion. Producing Birthday Cake (Remix), an explicit bass heavy collaboration between Brown and Rihanna, might have bothered some producers, but not The Dream.

Whatever my friend Rihanna wants to do, he told PopCrush. 100 percent--It's whatever she wants to do.

The Dream has been working with Rihanna since she first broke onto the charts, co-writing her first single, Umbrella, which earned him $15 million dollars. Regarding Rihanna's relationship with Brown, The Dream prefers not to point fingers or place blame, instead he feels empathy for the couple.

[To] forgive is a word that people need to rethink and actually figure out whether they can do that, or if they're just saying that they can forgive and they actually can't and don't possess the power to do that, he told PopCrush. [Rihanna] does, [and] I do, along with a lot of people I know do.

The Dream continued to explain that if Rihanna can forgive Brown that is her decision, and it may be a healthy one if she wishes to move forward with her life.

We want forgiveness when it's us but we don't want forgiveness when it's somebody else, he said. It's like you're in a glass house and and you're casting rocks out ... You're just shattering your own house because the same willingness you have to not forgive someone else, you have to understand that one day you're going to have a child and that child may do something that you don't sincerely approve of. But you have to start to understand that we are human and this is how it is.

The Dream, who has worked with closely with Rihanna. He helped write Beyonce's Single Ladies, and has also worked with Usher, Mary J Blige, Drake and other recording artists. The Dream is preparing to release his fourth studio album, Love IV, this Memorial Day, and recently divorced singer-actress Christina Milan.