Chris Brown is reportedly struggling to come to terms with the possibility that Rihanna may be dating Travis Scott. The “Loyal” singer is jealous of his ex-girlfriend's budding romance as he “still loves her.”

"Chris and Rihanna are really close friends and they’re in constant communication,” a source told Hollywood Life. “The problem for Chris is that he doesn’t like seeing her with Travis. Nothing against Travis, he just doesn’t like seeing him or any man, for that matter, pushing up on Rihanna.”

The source reportedly went on adding: “It’s a struggle for Chris because he loves her and they have a real authentic friendship and they talk about everything, including Travis. It bugs him when she talks about Travis and shares details of their dates together.”

The Barbadian singer has been linked with rapper Travis Scott after they were spotted together at New York Fashion Week over the weekend.

“One time they were on the phone and Rihanna told Chris that Travis surprised her with her favorite candy and two dozen red roses and Chris said ‘hold on, I think about to throw up,'” the source reportedly said. “When she mentions Travis‘ name, Chris just wants to hang up the phone and scream!”

However, according to the source, Brown wants only the best for the “Unfaithful” singer with whom he split in 2013. The two have recently patched things up following a tumultuous relationship. In 2009, Brown was charged for domestic violence and briefly served time for physically abusing Rihanna.

“Chris really wants Rihanna to be happy, and it appears she is, and that’s what’s most important to him,” the source told Hollywood Life.

Meanwhile, Scott reportedly feels that he is lucky to have won Rihanna’s affections.

“[It’s like] he won the lottery!” another source told Hollywood Life. “She is a cool chick who is talented, smokes weed and is amazingly fun and a machine when it comes to being sexual -- what isn’t there to like?”

Rihanna and Scott have not confirmed their relationship but they have been recently spotted on several occasions and there is a video of them kissing on Friday.

“They were openly and notoriously affectionate in front of a room full of people” at a New York Fashion Week afterparty, TMZ wrote Saturday.