Peruvian President Alan Garcia opened the Christ of the Pacific monument in Lima on Thursday.

The President funded part of the cost of the statue with his own money, about $36,000 (100,000 Peruvian soles). Brazilian companies funded the rest. The total cost of the statue and its pedestal is estimated to be about $850,000.

The 37 meter tall statue atop a platform was inaugurated with fireworks and special lighting, according to reports.

The statue is similar to the Christ the Redeemer statue located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, depicting Jesus with outstretched arms to either side.

This Christ has been raised for that, so that it can be seen throughout Lima, and that throughout Lima it can remind parents and children and brothers, to the poor and rich that we are only transitory humons, humans who should love each other and forgive one another. Live Christ the King, he said.