Christopher Dorner, the ex-cop wanted in a California murder spree, was cornered in a Big Bear cabin Tuesday after a shootout that left two officers wounded. One of the deputies was later reported dead. 

Dorner was trapped inside a Big Bear mountain cabin after tying up a couple and stealing their truck, authorities said. As police SWAT teams closed in on him, there was a shootout in which two San Bernardino County sheriff's deputies were wounded. One of the police officers has since died, reports CNN, and a news conference at the Loma Linda University Medical Center is set to begin shortly. Dorner was holed up in the Seven Oaks Mountain Cabins, eight miles away from Big Bear in Angelus Oaks.

All roads in and out of Big Bear are closed and police are searching each vehicle. The affected highways include State Route 38 at Bryant and at Valley of the Falls, State Route 330 at Interstate 210 and Highland, State Route 18 and State Route 138, reports NBC Los Angeles.

CBS Los Angeles is reporting at the medical center and says a source confirmed the officer’s death. The second wounded officer is in emergency care, according to the broadcast. While police cannot confirm the identity of Dorner, it is believed to be him. Los Angeles Police Department Commander Andrew Smith hopes Dorner gives himself up and said at the news gathering, "It's time to turn yourself in. It's time to end the bloodshed." There has been no gunfire in the past hour.