A huge manhunt is under way for Christopher Dorner, a former member of both the LAPD and U.S. Navy who is on the run in Southern California, where he has allegedly shot a number of victims, including a police officer and two civilians who died Thursday.

Click here to listen in on the live online streaming San Bernardino County System 8 police scanner feed.

Click here to listen in on the live online streaming Los Angeles police scanner feed.

Dorner's burned-out pickup was found near Big Bear Lake Thursday, authorities said.

A manifesto posted to Dorner's Facebook page Thursday states that he is seeking to kill police officers in the region as part of a vendetta against law enforcement stemming from his time in the LAPD.

Police officers in the area are taking defensive positions and trying to remain indoors as much as possible -- declining to respond to minor "barking dog"-type calls, according to ABC News -- in hopes of not becoming his next victim.

You can follow along with the Dorner manhunt yourself by listening in on live online streams of the police scanners for two of the areas where police were actively searching for the suspect Thursday night, namely San Bernardino County System 8 (which covers pertinent areas including Big Bear, where there is a massive search operation under way), and Los Angeles, where he may also be hiding from authorities.

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Dorner has been implicated in the murder of two people in Irvine on Sunday, and now it is feared he's on a spree of killings throughout Southern California, according to a local CBS affiliate. The manifesto on his Facebook page listed names of individual officers, as well as the law enforcement community as a whole, as potential targets of his anger.

Shortly after 1:30 a.m. PST Thursday, Dorner shot two police officers sitting at a traffic light, one of whom died and the other of whom was badly wounded, police told the CBS affiliate.

Christopher Jordan Dorner, 52, was still on the lam as of 6:30 p.m. PST Thursday evening, but police were continuing to search for the triple-murder subject who has gripped the nation's attention.