Christopher Dorner’s body has been positively identified, according to several reports Thursday evening.

The ex-LAPD cop's life ended Tuesday after a shootout with police at a cabin near Big Bear, Calif., which left one deputy dead and another wounded, before the cabin was set on fire.

Medical examiners have positively identified the charred body as Dorner's through dental records, reports ABC News.  The statement released by the San Bernardino County Sheriff and Coroner's Office said, “The charred human remains located in the burned-out cabin in Seven Oaks have been positively identified to be that of Christopher Dorner.”

While the body has been positively identified, the cause of death was not released. Before the cabin burned down there was a gunshot heard, leading many to speculate that the heavily armed Dorner committed suicide.   

Earlier Tuesday, Dorner, on the run for a week, broke into a Big Bear home and stole a truck, which led to a chase back to the cabin. Dorner barricaded himself inside, and police eventually threw tear gas into the cabin. While there has been some audio that has led to speculation that police intentionally set the cabin aflame, as previously reported by IBTimes, San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon denied that Wednesday. He said, “We did not intentionally burn down that cabin to get Mr. Dorner out,” reports Los Angeles Times.

Conspiracy mongers have been quick to say the Dorner manhunt was a hoax, pointing to discrepancies in initial media reports as well as the idea of a “magic wallet.” It was reported that police found Dorner’s wallet a week prior to the standoff and again inside the burned cabin, although reports say only his ID was found. On Wednesday, conspiracy theories flooded Facebook and Twitter, but they seem to have abated Thursday.

On Twitter, #TeamDorner is silent while most references to Dorner are focused on disseminating the news of the identification. A few are still clinging to the “magic wallet” claim while others believe the quick ID of the body is questionable. On Facebook, it seems many have accepted their “hero” is dead.