A Coast Guard rescuer did a good job this morning by finding a Los Altos 62 year-old windsurfer who was reported missing yesterday.

Coast Guard helicopter rescued the woman by pulling her from the water. She was found floating on the water off Foster City near East Third Avenue.(San Mateo)

Cathy Caton is the windsurfer, experienced for more than 20 years. On Monday at 5.pm she had gone out for windsurfing and she was supposed to come back 30 minutes later. When she didn’t return in time, her husband called 911 for help.

Cathy's distraught husband, Steve Hamman, was relieved to have her back. She's doing pretty well, her husband said. She's cold, but otherwise looks alert and is doing OK.

Despite being stranded in the water for over 13 hours, Cathy didn't complaint or panic.

She has a lot of stamina, Hamman said.