Colombia's imports expanded 12.5 percent in August compared with the same month a year earlier, driven by strong domestic demand, according to preliminary government figures.

The country's imports reached $2.66 billion in August, climbing from $2.36 billion reported in August a year earlier, said a DIAN national tax agency report obtained by Reuters.

The government's statistics agency DANE is scheduled to certify the figures and report them officially next month. DANE makes its report based on data complied by the tax agency.

According to the DIAN, the country's imports rose 24.8 percent to $20.68 billion in the January-August period compared with $16.57 billion registered in the same eight-month period a year earlier.

Colombia's imports are soaring on domestic demand driven by strong economic growth. Foreign investment is pouring into the country as violence eases under President Alvaro Uribe's U.S.-backed security crackdown.