Commodities fell fast on Tuesday as a so-called "supercycle" in the asset class comes to a halt.

Silver, platinum, oil, corn and a slew of others sank by as much as -2.3 percent as the Chinese economy and the rapid growth in the commodities market begins to slow.

"Citi expects 2013 to be the year in which the death bells toll for the commodity supercycle after its duly noted sunset, ushering in a new decade of opportunities based on how individual commodities will perform against one another and against broader market indicators such as equities or currencies," Ed Morse, Citi's head of commodities research, wrote in a note.

Natural gas, soybeans and sugar bucked the downward trend on Tuesday, climbing as high as 2 percent.

But here are some of the falling assets, in order of volatility: 

Silver: -2.3%
Platinum: -2.1%
Coffee: -2.0%
Corn: -1.9%
NYMEX gasoline: -1.9%
Gold: -1.4%
Brent crude: -1.2%
Wheat: -1.2%
WTI crude oil: -1.1%
NYMEX heating oil: -0.9%