Car lovers, start your engines, as Detroit is ready to host their International Car Show!

This year's event, the biggest in the automotive industry world, has the most concept car debuts. Probably the most exciting part of the show is the range of concept cars, because let’s face it, we all like to dream about just how far new technology can go, and how insane the styling and design can be.

So here is our pick of the year's hottest cars:

First up is Infinity's Q50 Eau Rouge Concept. The name may be strange -- for me it sounds like a color of a blush -- but there is nothing coy about this dramatic concept that was inspired by Formula One Racing.

The design is very masculine and it won’t win points with the ladies, as this car is built for performance and to turn heads with aerodynamic styling. It is lower and wider than Infinity’s previous concepts and it uses a very complex body made with carbon composite.

Next up is the highly anticipated GT4 Stinger Concept by Kia. This is a compact, almost cute-looking sports car that rocks vents in the hood, rear haunches and a sculptured design. But this car has some power with a four-cylinder engine pumping 315 horsepower.

Kia in their press release described the yellow sports car concept as “sculpted, menacing, fast.”

Last up in our round up of the hottest concept cars is the MINI Cooper John Cooper Works Concept -- and don’t let this cumbersome name deter you from the fact that this is a really cool-looking car.

It still has a ‘Mini’ feel about it but aesthetically the design team has taken it up a notch: The grey paint job is accented with bright pops of red giving it a much sportier feel. You can see LED headlamps, a black grille frame, side skirts, a rear bumper and a roof mounted spoiler.

This concept is designed for the lover of sport cars who doesn’t mind standing out from the crowd.

The International Auto Show in Detroit will certainly start your imagination engine with some cool new designs, features and technology. The concept car certainly proves to us car lovers that if you can dream it, the automakers can probably make it.