Today's youth are different. They interact with an internet community that crosses all boundaries and get inspired by the quirkiest fads.

Among them are: Planking, the lying down game which caused an international stir on the internet culminating in a peak in May. Planking was created over three years ago in England.

Now the newest fad is owling -the act of crouching in an owl position and freaking people out, according to the 13-year-old self-proclaimed King of Owling Chad Jones. Owling is U.S.-born, and merely a couple of days old.

But between planking and owling there was a brief trend of cone-ing (or coning) in June. This is the act of grabbing and eating soft ice cream upside down at a fast food drive-through, videotaping the server's bewildered reaction, then posting it online for everyone to see. Some have become creative with cone-ing and used the ice cream as shaving cream and sunscreen -to the shock of the server and enjoyment of online viewers.  

Sound like fun?

With owling on the verge of dethroning planking, along with other quirky trends likely to blaze the internet again, will cone-ing last or rekindle?

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