Viewers who watch NBC’s new series “Constantine” in the fall shouldn’t get too attached to Liv. Her portrayer Lucy Griffiths has left the show, and creators are writing in another female character from the "Hellblazer" comic books to replace her. 

Griffiths, familiar to audiences as Nora on “True Blood,” exited the drama “after the show's creators opted to move in a different direction,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show will not recast Liv. Instead, the will add another female character (Griffiths was the only female series regular). Zed is familiar to fans of the DC comic books as Constantine’s girlfriend. Like Liv, Zed also has psychic abilities. 

“Constantine” is an adaptation of the “Hellblazer” comics. The show follows John Constantine, a demon hunter whose soul is destined for hell. He retires from demon hunting, but he steps out of retirement when demons come after Liv, a good friend’s daughter. Liv has a psychic ability that allows her to foresee supernatural events. Together, they travel and rid the world of demons, but apparently they won't be doing that together for long. It appears that Zed will fulfill the same psychic partner functions that Liv filled, but the dynamic of her relationship with Constantine will differ. 

Executive producer Daniel Cerone stated that the change will create a more interesting dynamic between Constantine and his partner. “When you put a wide-eyed innocent into that world, she’s just very reactive,” Cerone told Entertainment Weekly. “The nice thing about Swamp Thing, when he first teamed up with Constantine, was that Swamp Thing had abilities, Swamp Thing had skills. Constantine needed those skills...Anything he can do is based in knowledge and his own studying. Zed is actually one of the first women Constantine meets in the comic books, and she has various psychic powers. We felt ultimately she’s going to service the first season better as someone to pair Constantine up with. She can get in his face a little bit and have some of her own realizations and skills and really push him. But if whoever Constantine is working with is constantly on her heels, that just wouldn’t service the show really well.”

Zed is likely the first of many comic book characters the show will add.

“Constantine” premieres on Friday, October 24 at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC. Are you concerned about the show making such a huge change before the show has even premiered? Sound off in the comments section!