Oprah Winfrey in a pair of Cj jeans. Oprah.com

CJ Jeans is the name of the new line of denim jeans launched by Cookie Johnson hitting the store shelves and bound to be a hit for the curvy ladies.

Johnson, wife of NBA star Magic Johnson, was inspired to launch her new line Cj by Cookie after failing to find jeans that fitted her curves perfectly.  The line was launched in early 2009.

One of the secrets to the jeans' success, Cookie says, is stretch. My partner, Michael Glasser, is an expert at fabrics, and he searched all over and found these wonderful fabrics from Europe that had great stretch to them but were so comfortable at the same time, she told Oprah according to the media mogul's website.

We put a silk waistband inside the waist so they will be nice and comfortable. There's a lot of different aspects to this jean that go to comfort.