A Bronx man was arrested on Wednesday in connection with the murder of an East Harlem resident and native of Italy, Rita Morelli, 36.  

Bakary Camara, 41, was charged with second degree murder of Morelli who had recently enrolled in the Borough of Manhattan Community College and took a job as a waitress in order to make ends meet, according to Dnainfo.com. Reports indicate that Morelli was repeatedly stabbed and choked to death. After allegedly murdering her, Camara allegedly called 911 from a pay phone nearby.

There is a dead body over there, said Camara trying to pass himself as an anonymous tipster, reported the Daily News. There is a dead body.

When detectives arrived on the scene, they began calling numbers in her cell phone. They reached Camara. They recognized his distinct accent from the 911 call and tracked the Gambian immigrant to his Bronx home.

When cops arrived at his home, they found him locked inside. They knocked in the door and found Camara repeatedly stabbing himself in the stomach.

He made admissions about killing [Morelli], a police source said to the Daily News.

A spokesman for BMCC expressed his condolences of the loss of Morelli.

On behalf of the college, we're very saddened by the news of her death. We admire somebody who has taken on the time and effort to try to get an education for themselves, said Barry Rosen, a spokesman at BMCC, reported the Daily News.