Reports are saying that Casey Anthony, the acquitted murder suspect of 2-year-old daughter, could be in Southern California just days after her release from jail in Florida.

The Casey Anthony trial garnered national media attention and made headlines when the jury found her not guilty of the charges against her. However, the 25-year-old, has been receiving death threats since the verdict was out and Anthony's location has been kept a secret since her release.

According to NBC's Today show, Casey climbed aboard an ex-lawyer's private plane belonging to Californian Todd Macaluso. Flight records indicate that the plane made stops in Florida, Arizona, Northern California, and finally landed at John Wayne Airport.

Bounty hunter Leonad Padilla believes Casey is down and around in the Palm Springs area, the Los Angeles area.

The airplane Casey left Florida in belongs to a fellow, an attorney, that was involved in the case, and he's down in that area; he's got a couple places down in that area, Padilla said.

While Anthony's lawyers are mum on her whereabouts, Malacuso claims he doesn't even want to know.