Sir Paul McCartney divorce to Heather Mills was concluded on Tuesday with the judge awarding Mills a $48.6 million divorce settlement amidst claims she lied about her finances.

Heather Mills claimed to be a wealthy woman in her own right and have between £2 and £3 million in the bank when she first met the ex-Beatle star at an awards ceremony in May 1999.

Mills originally made a $250 million divorce claim was exorbitant, which judge Hugh Bennett said the claim is and was unreasonable, indeed exorbitant,' according to the Telegraph.

Mills was unable to produce documents to prove her financial security between 1997 and 2000, claiming that nearly 90 percent of her earnings went directly to a number of charities.

The wife had to accept in cross-examination that there was no documentary evidence, for example letters from the relevant charities, that her fees were sent direct to charities, said Judge Hugh Bennett.

After the court examined her tax returns, no interest earned on any sum anywhere near £2 or £3 million was shown.

Moreover, her tax returns disclose no charitable giving at all, Bennett added.

On Monday, Bennett awarded Mills a $48.6 million divorce settlement after her four-year marriage to the McCartney. McCartney had offered $31.6 million, plus the assets Mills currently holds worth $15.6 million.